Patient Experience

S1E18: Payer/Provider Model, HIEs, Agile (ft. Jason Joseph, Corewell Health)

Transcript: 0:0:0.0 –> 0:0:7.850Jordan CooperWe are here today with Jason Joseph, Chief Digital and Information Officer at Corwell Health. Jason, thank you so much for joining us today. 0:0:8.290 –> 0:0:8.450Joseph, Jason R.Thank. 0:0:8.520 –> 0:0:9.340Joseph, Jason R.For having me, Jordan. 0:0:9.780 –> 0:0:21.190Jordan CooperSo Jason, I like to talk about the transition that Powell…

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S1E6: Storytelling – Humanizing Data (ft. Sandra Elliott, Hackensack Meridian Health)

Transcript: 0:0:0.0 –> 0:0:10.310Jordan CooperWe are here today with Sandra Powell Elliott, Chief Innovation and Commercialization Officer of Hackensack, Meridian Health. Sandra, thank you for joining us today. 0:0:10.620 –> 0:0:11.460Elliott, SandraThank you for having me. 0:0:12.170 –> 0:0:38.840Jordan CooperSo I’ve listened to stories that you’ve told in the past and and you’ve been known…

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S1E4: Digital Strategies – M&As, Care Gaps, Pt Experience, (ft. Ed Marx, Divurgent)

  Transcript: 0:0:0.0 –> 0:0:20.460Jordan CooperEd Marks, CEO of Divergent, former CIO of Cleveland Clinic University Hospitals New York City health and Hospitals, a board member of Summa Health System and the former chair and of the Board of directors at the Texas Health Services Authority and the current host of Digital Voices with Ed…

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