data strategy

S1E41: The Power of a Platform (ft. Jim Heiman, Northwell Health)

Transcript: 0:0:0.0 –> 0:0:2.390Jordan CooperWe’re here today with Jim Heimann. 0:0:2.660 –> 0:0:5.930Jordan CooperUh, the AVP of product services and management? 0:0:5.940 –> 0:0:19.300Jordan CooperIn the clinical digital solution space at Northwell Health in Long Island, New York, Northwell is a health system based in Long Island with 5200 beds and 17,000 providers across 20…

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S1E37: Marc Paradis, Northwell Holdings Commercializing AI data strategy for Health Systems

Transcript 0:0:0.0 –> 0:0:5.70Jordan CooperWe’re here today with Mark Paradis, the vice president of data strategy at Northwell Holdings. 0:0:5.660 –> 0:0:6.910Jordan CooperMark, thank you for joining us today. 0:0:7.660 –> 0:0:8.690Paradis, MarcThank you for having me, Jordan. 0:0:9.320 –> 0:0:18.980Jordan CooperSo for those who don’t know, Northwell Health is a health system based in…

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