S2E4: Local Healthcare and Integration (ft. Dr. Dave Rich, West Virginia University Health System)

Transcript: 0:0:0.0 –> 0:0:5.210Jordan CooperWe are here today with Doctor Dave Rich to see Mio West Virginia University health system. 0:0:5.400 –> 0:0:6.810Jordan CooperDave, thanks so much for joining us today. 0:0:8.300 –> 0:0:9.290Rich, DavidThanks for having me, Jordan. 0:0:10.20 –> 0:0:23.320Jordan CooperSo for those who don’t know, West Virginia University health system is a…

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S2E3: IT Governance with Business-Driven Structure (ft. Doug Burkott, Baptist Health Jacksonville)

Transcript: 0:0:0.0 –> 0:0:2.250Jordan CooperWe’re here today with Doug Burkott. 0:0:2.300 –> 0:0:4.40Jordan CooperUh, a Baptist Health Jacksonville. 0:0:4.50 –> 0:0:6.670Jordan CooperHe’s a senior director of IS business operations. 0:0:6.920 –> 0:0:8.990Jordan CooperDoug, thanks so much for joining us today. 0:0:9.790 –> 0:0:9.990Burkott, DougYeah. 0:0:10.0 –> 0:0:10.600Burkott, DougYou’re welcome. 0:0:11.0 –> 0:0:11.510Burkott, DougHappy to share….

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S2E2: Transparency in Clinical Quality and Outcome Metrics (ft. Dr. Mark Weisman, TidalHealth)

Transcript: 0:0:0.0 –> 0:0:5.960Jordan CooperWe are here today with Doctor Mark Weissman, the CIO and CMO of Title Health. Mark. 0:0:5.970 –> 0:0:7.110Jordan CooperThank you so much for joining us today. 0:0:7.680 –> 0:0:8.450Mark WeismanHey, thanks, John. 0:0:8.460 –> 0:0:9.580Mark WeismanAppreciate you having me on. 0:0:10.70 –> 0:0:10.580Jordan CooperYeah. 0:0:10.590 –> 0:0:16.600Jordan CooperSo for those…

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S1E38: Delegation in an Epic Conversion (ft. Dr. Rob Adamson, RWJBarnabas Health)

Transcript: 0:0:0.0 –> 0:0:7.360Jordan CooperWe’re here today with Doctor Robert Adamson, the Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Robert Wood Johnson, Barnabas Health. 0:0:8.220 –> 0:0:23.160Jordan CooperDoctor Adamson is the operational leader for the Epic electronic health record implementation at RWJ Barnabas and previously was a chief pharmacy officer and characterizes himself as…

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S1E36: Application Rationalization (ft. Stacey Johnston, Baptist Health)

Transcript 0:0:0.0 –> 0:0:15.400Jordan CooperWe’re here today with Doctor Stacy Johnston, the vice President and Chief Applications Officer at Baptist Health Jacksonville. Stacy is also an epic program executive and a practicing hospitalist. Stacey, thank you and welcome to a Healthy data podcast. 0:0:15.830 –> 0:0:16.870JohnstonMD, StaceyBut thanks for having me. 0:0:17.890 –> 0:0:31.580Jordan CooperSo…

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S1E34: Creating a Cohesive Integrated Delivery Network (ft. John Chelico, CommonSpirit Health)

S1E32: Epic Migration, Staff Reallocation (ft. Oliver Galicki, Memorial Hermann)

Transcript: 0:0:0.0 –> 0:0:10.850Jordan CooperWe’re here today with Oliver Galicki, the associate vice president of EHR implementation at Memorial Hermann Healthcare delivery system. Oliver, thank you for joining us today. 0:0:11.590 –> 0:0:14.80Oliver Galicki (Guest)Absolutely. Thank you for having me, Jordan. I appreciate it. 0:0:13.840 –> 0:0:14.290Jordan CooperYeah. 0:0:14.980 –> 0:0:31.790Jordan CooperSure. So for our…

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