S1E38: Delegation in an Epic Conversion (ft. Dr. Rob Adamson, RWJBarnabas Health)

Transcript: 0:0:0.0 –> 0:0:7.360Jordan CooperWe’re here today with Doctor Robert Adamson, the Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Robert Wood Johnson, Barnabas Health. 0:0:8.220 –> 0:0:23.160Jordan CooperDoctor Adamson is the operational leader for the Epic electronic health record implementation at RWJ Barnabas and previously was a chief pharmacy officer and characterizes himself as…

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S1E34: Creating a Cohesive Integrated Delivery Network (ft. John Chelico, CommonSpirit Health)

S1E30: Health Tech Devices, Remote Monitoring (ft. Randy Maib, INTEGRIS Health)

Transcript: 0:0:0.0 –> 0:0:8.250Jordan CooperWe’re here today with Randy, maybe the director of Cardiology Informatics at Integris Health. Randy, thank you for joining us today. 0:0:8.990 –> 0:0:10.0Maib, Randy KThank you for having me. 0:0:11.190 –> 0:0:40.180Jordan CooperYou’re welcome. So, Randy, at Integris Health, so Integris Health is Oklahoma’s largest health system with 14 hospitals…

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S1E28: Interoperability, BAAs, Integration (ft. Adnan Hamid, CommonSpirit Health)

Transcript: 0:0:0.0 –> 0:0:9.650Jordan CooperWe’re here today with Adnan Hamid, the VP and Divisional Chief Information Officer for the Southern California Division of Common Spirit Health. Non thank you for joining us today. 0:0:10.740 –> 0:0:11.590Adnan Hamid (Guest)Thanks for having me. 0:0:12.340 –> 0:0:34.230Jordan CooperFor our listeners, common spirit health is a health system based…

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S1E26: Network Transformation & Cybersecurity (ft. Curt Kwak, Proliance Surgeons)

Transcript: 0:0:0.0 –> 0:0:15.280Jordan CooperWe are here today with Kurt Kwok, the Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer for Proliance surgeons. Curtis, also the former vice president and chief information officer of Washington State Health Benefit Exchange. Kurt, thank you so much for joining us today. How are you doing? 0:0:15.640 –> 0:0:17.140Curt…

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S1E12: Consumerism: Retail, Auditing, Apps (ft. Abu Bakar, Summit Health)

Transcript: 0:0:0.0 –> 0:0:23.130Jordan CooperWe’re here today with Abu Bakar at Summit health. He’s a chief chief information and digital officer at Summit Health. As context, not long after City, MD hired Abu in 2019, global private equity firm Warburg Pincus invested in City, MD, which merged with Summit Health, creating a healthcare provider with…

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