Clinical Quality Metrics

S2E2: Transparency in Clinical Quality and Outcome Metrics (ft. Dr. Mark Weisman, TidalHealth)

Transcript: 0:0:0.0 –> 0:0:5.960Jordan CooperWe are here today with Doctor Mark Weissman, the CIO and CMO of Title Health. Mark. 0:0:5.970 –> 0:0:7.110Jordan CooperThank you so much for joining us today. 0:0:7.680 –> 0:0:8.450Mark WeismanHey, thanks, John. 0:0:8.460 –> 0:0:9.580Mark WeismanAppreciate you having me on. 0:0:10.70 –> 0:0:10.580Jordan CooperYeah. 0:0:10.590 –> 0:0:16.600Jordan CooperSo for those…

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